WOW the WOM !!!

Why Word of Mouth Marketing Is So Effective (+How You Can Use It)

WOW, the WOM !!!
Wow the Word of Mouth (WOM) is one of my favorite phrases to say when I realise that a particular brand became successful as an outcome of the spread of WOM. Word of Mouth is one of the fastest-growing influential marketing strategies that is driven by consumers, as 92% of consumers trust their friends over traditional media (Hayes 2021). Additionally, WOM is tremendously effective due to its psychological aspects, which resonates with the principle of marketing, where the consumers are as its impact directly on consumer purchase decisions, which leads to consumer trust and loyalty (Hossain et al. 2017). Based on the six contagious principles, WOM can work well on two principles, social currency, in which sharing a brand can leverage how a person looks, and trigger, which is when consumers talk about the products on the top of their mind.

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The Traditional WOM
The traditional WOM occurs now and then, it is the traditional way of consumers sharing their views or recommendations of a particular brand or product. Through WOM, consumers are easier in the decision-making process and become more confident in the product they are purchasing. From a business perspective, WOM not only creates brand awareness but more importantly it creates trust, which influences consumers’ behaviour, thus increasing new consumers trying the product and re-purchasers rate, especially connecting the brand and its consumers with positive emotions.

The Modern WOM (EWOM)
As we are in the digital age, traditional WOM has also evolved around technology, which becomes Electronic Word of Mouth (EWOM). This EWOM occurs through online reviews, tagging the brands on social media, and hashtags. An example of a famous WOM marketing is Coca-Cola with their ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, where consumers were hurriedly hunting Coke bottles with their relatives’ names on it then share them to their social media with the hashtag #ShareaCoke, which had spread the words.

How to tag an Instagram photo with a brand name • Save. Spend. Splurge.
Share A Coke's Incredible Journey Around the World | Coca-Cola India

By the way, which brand do you think has been successful in their WOM marketing?

8 thoughts on “WOW the WOM !!!

  1. Great blog! WOM has always been a trusted source of marketing. Customers who have recommended a service or product to their friends of family have that element of trust that the service or product is great quality. In my experience, most of the time when a friend or family member has recommended me something, I usually try it because I value their opinion.
    But now with the rise of EWOM, I have been starting to try new things because it has come up on my Instagram feed. The biggest reason I try it is not because I trust it, but because it looked pleasing or it piques my interest.

    Do you think that in today’s growing market of digital marketing that WOM will soon become obsolete?


    1. Thank you Lintang for sharing your experiences with WOM, I also tends to do the same thing as you. I think we are not alone on trying out things that our friends and family suggested and from online feeds. Personally, even-though, we can see the that digital marketing growing tremendously, WOM would not be obsolete as consumers are still sharing their experiences with others and really consumers take others recommendation pretty seriously.


  2. Really great post!! I’ve never even realised that the named cokes were a tagging word of mouth strategy, that’s really such a smart campaign. What other company’s do you think have done this well? I’ve seen a few clothing brands hold give aways that include hashtags and story shares, that’s a great tactic in my opinion!


    1. Thanks Emily, as you already said, I think clothing brands are performing very well on using WOM strategy online, especially, Calvin Klein with the #MyCalvins hashtag. On Instagram, there are 879 thousands of posts that use this hashtag, from big influencers and celebrities to usual customers.


  3. I enjoyed your blog post, Tien. I particularly enjoyed how you added in the traditional form of Word-of-Mouth Marketing, to the modernised and digital method to the Word-of-Mouth marketing strategy, Keep up the great work, Tien!


    1. Thanks Antoine. My aim of writing this blog was to showcase my readers the existence of EWOM, as everyone might not realise a single hashtag on Social Media posts is a WOM Marketing.


  4. This is a pretty cool blog post, I really enjoyed and inspired by the analytics from your blog post. I am quite impressed with Coke’s strategy when they put personal names on products and increase the excitement for users to own. Besides, Coca also launched campaigns like you can put your name on products and Coca will print your name on it. Do you think Coca will be able to achieve long-term success through this campaign?


    1. Thank you Quoc Anh, I think Coca Cola have been success with this campaign until now, they have varied this campaign a few times, such as changing it from personal names to Aussie slang. In the long run, I think they will constantly changing elements of the campaign to resonance with their consumers.


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